Boarding and Daycare

Our flagship service is boarding and daycare. At any-time where you are unable to care for your pets, we would be more than happy to take care of them for you. Our dog camp is located in a large open farm. Our clients spend their day running around a huge lawn area in the fresh air, leashless and happy, playing with others of their kind. All activities are happen under the close supervision of highly trained professionals that will make sure all dogs are safe, happy and well fed.

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Veterinary service

We offer some of the best veterinary service available. Our veterinaries are all highly skilled and devoted. Having a clinic on the premises allows us to make sure all dogs are healthy and safe, but our clinic will take care of anyone in need – we are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Emergency cases will always be admitted, at any hour of the day, and an appointment can be made for any other case. For those who cannot make it to the clinic, we offer phone consultation as needed, as well as a mobile clinic that can get to the owners house to take care of any patient.

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Grooming and bathing is another service we offer – a clean dog is a happy and hygienic dog, and the happiness of your dog is what we live for. A grooming session usually includes a bath and a haircut, and your dog will be happy and cheerful after one.

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