Bathing is a lot of fun for a dog, if done properly. Most dogs are not afraid of water, and will enjoy a good bath when they get treats and pets during it. The warm water and soap will make most dogs very happy and relaxed, and calming them down while brushing them is a lot of fun for them, and the affection makes the bathing even more of a treat for your dog.

Cats might need more persuasion to get into the water, but after tiring them up with a little play session they will easily go into the bath and enjoy it. Bathing a cat requires a lot of skill, care and experience, but once you understand the nuances it becomes a very pleasing experience for the little feline. After the bath, your pet will be happy, calm and most of all – clean.


It is important to understand that many dogs have evolved to environments that are very different than the living conditions they are in nowadays; this means that many have too much fur burdening them and causing them undue distress. This is why they need to have haircuts.

Many people will tote the popular wisdom that claims that cutting a dogs hair hurts the dog. That is not true – dogs from a breed that doesn't fit the environment it lives in suffer greatly from heat and exhaustion when their fur is not properly cut, and it is perfectly safe to do it. It is very important for their wellbeing that you routinely cut your dog's hair if you see them often out of breath or looking for cool spaces. If they are, call and make an appointment today; your dog will thank you!