After a long day of fun in the sun, it is important that our clients have their own little spot to call home. Each visitor is assigned his own, privet sleeping quarters, equipped with a soft, warm bed and blankets to cuddle in and sleep. Each sleeping area also has its own privet backyard, for when the tenant wishes to spend some time outside but without anyone bothering him. Even dogs like to have some "me time" once in a while, and we make sure they get it.


It is highly important that all admitted dogs be healthy and vaccinated. All dogs must have both rabies vaccination and the DHLPPCv multivalent vaccine. A dog that has not been vaccinated or that has a contagious medical issue will not be admitted.

To make sure no mistakes ever happen, all dogs are thoroughly checked when admitted. Our medical team also looks for fleas, lice and ticks, and if those are found the dog will be treated and cleaned. In addition to this, the entire farm is routinely checked and cleaned, to make sure your dog comes back happy and clean when you pick him up.

Running free

In the center of the farm is a huge lawn, where our clients can run free and play with their kind in a safe environment. All activities are overseen by our team of skilled professional care-takers, to ensure maximum safety.

The lawn is filled with toys and courses that allow our guest to enjoy every second of their time and always have something to do. Running around, leashless and in the company of other dogs will make them as happy as they can be.

During the day, all dogs are fed high end food – each dog gets his own food that is personally fitted to them based on their breed, size, age, health and costumes.